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In doing so, this scientifically proven and effective procedure supports the supply and waste disposal processes in tissue and organ cells. The hip, the knees and the hands are the most common areas affected, but any other joint can also suffer from this disorder. KevinDon Causes of Arthosis Experts suspect that around 50 percent of patients suffering from arthosis do so as a result of having the affected area placed under great strain for many years. Light therapy panels with non-specific effects should also not be confused with targeted laser therapy, even though both procedures use light as a physical medium.

About Arthritis Arthritis The term "Arthritis" refers to the destruction of the layer of cartilage on a joint and the skeletal Arthrose White Sustaine. caused as a result of this.

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Arthritis is the most common disorder of the joints. Sufferers lose the ability to move without pain. The joints ache, swell up and become inflamed. The hip, the knees and the hands are the most common areas affected, but any other joint can also suffer from this disorder. The Joints and their Tasks The joints perform thousands of movements each day.

Supporting the treatment of Arthritis

These movements are eased and facilitated by synovial fluid, which is produced inside the mucous membrane of the joint. Hard, sudden movements are cushioned by the joint's cartilage — much like a shock absorber. Joints are responsible for performing important movements and preventing undesired movements, where the joint is locked in place. The Various Stages of Arthritis In the early stage of Arthritis, the cartilage becomes damaged, although this damage is initially limited to a small area measuring around 2cm².

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To begin with, the damage is limited to the surface of the cartilaginous coating, but as the disease progresses, x-rays will reveal initial compressions of the bones. Without these bone changes, damage to the cartilage is recognized, but no diagnosis of arthosis can be made.

There are often many years between the early and advanced stages of the disease, and these years are also referred to as the interim stage.

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While the changes in the joint are more intensified than in the early stage, they are less pronounced than in the advanced stage. In the advanced stage, the cartilage on the joint is not only damaged and dysfunctional — it is actually completely worn off.

The exposed bone is now rubbing against the bone on the opposite side, and the joint space between the two bones has ceased to exist.

The bone becomes harder and more dense in the advanced stage, something which is also clearly visible in x-ray images. There Arthrose White Sustaine. large, bony spikes on the edges of the joint causing the joint to widen. These spikes can cause pain and radiate when performing certain movements. Causes of Arthosis Experts suspect that around 50 percent of patients suffering from arthosis do so as a result of having the affected area placed under great strain for many years.

In around 30 percent of Arthrose White Sustaine., the arthosis has developed as a delayed consequence of an accident — for example at home, in traffic, when playing sport, or at work. In just 20 percent of patients the cause is a malformation or weakness of the joint, which can already be identified in youth.

Prevalence of Arthritis Among disorders of the joints, Arthritis is at first place. Around five million Germans suffer from this disease, and this number is rising. Around two million people in Germany experience pain in their joints each day — for example in the hip and knees. But other joints can be affected too.

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Young people suffer less from Arthritis than older people. Arthrotic changes in joints occur in only around 4 percent of year-olds, but in more than 80 percent of people aged 70 or over.

Arthrose White Sustaine.

There are many very different types of Arthritis. Men and women alike are affected in the hip joints.

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However, twice as many women suffer in the finger and knee joints as men. In Germany alone, more than two million people have an artificial joint. Each year, around 12, artificial shoulder joints,artificial hip joints, andartificial knee joints are implanted.

Consequences of Arthritis Among the consequences of Arthritis are pain, swelling, deformation, inflammatory attacks and stiffness of the joint.

The symptoms occur in stages and intensify over the years. Particularly after a long period of calm, affected patients experience a sensation of stiffness and pain. This usually improves after some movement. Many patients have the sensation that their tendons are too short and that they can therefore not Urazy wlaczenia lokcia their joints.

The more advanced the disease, the more stiff and immobile the joints become.

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The smallest movements cause severe pain, even during rest, which can impair sleep. Gradually, increasing numbers of areas on the joint are damaged. Ligaments, cartilage, tendons and bones change constantly.

Cost Burden on the Healthcare System In Germany alone, over seven billion Euros Arthrose White Sustaine. spent each year on treating Arthritis, making joint and bone diseases the third-largest cost factor for the healthcare system. Treatment of Arthritis The purpose of any treatment is to eliminate pain and restore mobility. We differentiate between surgical and conservative treatment.

The key element of conservative treatment is to reduce the load on the diseased joints and to protect them from further excessive or improper loads. Physical treatments, among them physiotherapy, are also employed.

Arthrose White Sustaine.

This strengthens the musculature, which helps to support the joints. Pharmaceutical treatments include the administration of anti-inflammatory Egiptian masc do stawow do kupienia analgesic drugs. Cortisone is also administered in severe cases, although the side effects of this do need to be taken into account.

Surgical Treatment of Arthritis If the patient suffers under sustained and intense pain and has only very limited mobility, a surgical procedure is often advised, where artificial joints are usually implanted.