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They play as filters protecting them against excessive UV radiation, acting as antioxidants and showing antiviral, antifungal as well as antibacterial features. Data were analysed by the analysis of variance p 0. Polyphenols are also the most abundant group of biologically active compounds found at wild strawberry herb [12].

Przeglądów: Transkrypt 1 Contents of secondary metabolites at various anatomical parts of three wild strawberry Fragaria vesca L. No significant differences in tannins contents depending on a cultivar were recorded, although leaf blades accumulated significantly higher quantities of tannins than petioles. Key words: flavonoids, Fragaria vesca L. Nutritional and health aspects of Vol.

Dyduch, A. Najda fruits and vegetables are widely discussed which is associated among others with polyphenols presence. These compounds, namely phenolic acids, flavonoids and tannins make the antioxidant potential as well as protect against some diseases as cancer or heart disorders []. Phenolic acids are responsible for sour and bitter taste of some plant-origin foods; they also make them astringent properties.

Phenolic acids, namely hydroxybenzoic and hydroxycinnamic ones the most common at plant tissues are substances often found in plant-origin food. Phenolic acids can be components of anthocyanins and flavones [7].

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Flavonoids are biochemically active constituents of plants. They play as filters protecting them against excessive UV radiation, acting as antioxidants and showing antiviral, antifungal as well as antibacterial features.

They are also attractants or detergents for insects, and control the gene expression and enzymatic activity [8].

As similar as phenolic acids, flavonoids Lingonberry Leaf do leczenia stawow multi-directional antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-allergenic and detoxication activity towards human organisms [9]. Flavonoids are present namely in leaves, flowers, and fruits, while ligneous tissues and seeds contain flavonoids only occasionally [10].

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Contents and composition of secondary metabolites are determined both by genetic and ontogenetic factors. Among genetic ones, varietal variability, while development stage and plant part as a herbal material, play important roles [11]. Polyphenols are also the most abundant group of biologically active compounds found at wild strawberry herb [12].

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Wild strawberry is a perennial from rose family Rosaceae. The varieties cultivated nowadays are derived from a wild cultivar named common wild strawberry Fragaria vesca L. Apart from aromatic fruits Fragariae fructusalso leaves Fragariae folium and roots Fragariae radix of wild strawberry are herbal materials used in medicine [17].

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Healthy material was cleaned just after the harvest and divided into leaf blades and petioles. Afterwards, the material was dried at 30 C. After 45 min. Total phenolic acids estimation Total phenolic acids estimation was carried out according to Arnov method [18].

One milliliter of sample was mixed with 5 ml of distilled water, 1 ml 0.

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The absorbance was measured at nm. The total phenolic acid content was expresses as caffeic acid equivalent CAE. Tannin estimation The amount of tannin estimation was determined using Traktowanie wybuchu po traumatycznym stawu lokcia described in the pharmacopoeia [18].

The content of tannins was expressed as dry weight percentage.

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Achieved results revealed that polyphenols i. The most common are gallic acid, quercetin, and kaempherol.

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Active substances at Fragaria vesca show efficient antioxidant and immuno-stimulating action on a cellular level, intensify an organism s efficiency, as well as protect against toxins [3, 6, 9, 14]. The quantitative contents of particular compound groups present in leaves leaf blades and petioles of three wild strawberry varieties are discussed below.

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Considering the influence Vol. Significant differences in phenolic acids contents in leaf blades of analyzed wild strawberry cultivars in particular study years were recorded.

That material contained them considerably more in material harvested in Instead, no significant differences of phenolic acids contents in petioles of all examined cultivars were observed. Najda et al.

  • Przeglądów: Transkrypt 1 Contents of secondary metabolites at various anatomical parts of three wild strawberry Fragaria vesca L.
  • The research examined green tea ethanol extract, subjected to different purification processes with use of active carbon, bleaching earth, and mixture of acetone, acetic acid, water, with or without earlier hexane treatment.
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The content of phenolic compounds in different part of plants in three cultivars of Fragaria vesca L. Significant differences in these compounds contents depending on analyzed plant part were obser- 5 Contents of secondary metabolites at various anatomical parts of three wild strawberry Fragaria vesca L.

Regardless of a cultivar, leaf blades contained over 10 times more flavonoids as compared to petioles. No considerable differences in flavonoids concentration in petioles between particular years of study were found.

Inplants of all examined varieties produced considerably more flavonoids in leaf blades.

Contents found for wild strawberry were many times higher than those reported by Najda et al. Tannins Significant differences of tannins contents in particular parts of studied wild strawberry cultivars were recorded; however Najda et al.

It was confirmed by research carried out by Wolski et al. Present study revealed that regardless of a cultivar and analyzed plant part, wild strawberry harvested in contained slightly more tannins.

Anthocyanin from strawberry Fragaria x ananassa with the novel aglycone, 5-carboxypyranopelargonidin. Free radical scavenging activity and phenolic content in achenes and thalamus from Fragaria chiloensis ssp.


Changes in the content of polyphenols and ascorbic acid in strawberry juices and semiconcentrates during their storage. Żywn Nauka Technol Jakość ; 2 43 Supl.

Plant genotype affects total antioxidant capacity and phenolic contents in fruit. Nutrition ; Gawlik-Dziki U. Fenolokwasy jako bioaktywne składniki żywności.

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Flawonoidy roślinne jako związki biochemicznie czynne. Rola naturalnych substancji nieodżywczych pochodzenia roślinnego jako składników żywności funkcjonalnej. Występowanie, biosynteza, właściwości biologiczne flawonoli.

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Influence of titanium treatment on antioxidants content and antioxidant activity of strawberries. Quantitative determination of total phenols in strawberry leaves.

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Clonal integration of the stoloniferous herb Lingonberry Leaf do leczenia stawow vesca from different altitudes in Southwest China. Flora ; Kanodia L, Das S. A comparative study of analgesic property of whole plant and fruit extracts of Fragaria vesca in experimental animal models.

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Bangladesh J Pharmacol ; 4: Żurawicz E. Truskawka i poziomka. Warszawa Vol. Najda Żurawicz E, Masny A. Uprawa truskawek w polu i pod osłonami. Kraków Wyk B, Wink M. Rośliny lecznicze świata. Warszawa Farmakopea Polska VI. Determination of quantitative composition of poliphenolic compounds occur in anatomically different parts of Levisticum officinale Koch.

EJPAU ;6 1. Flavonoid content and antioxidant activity of caraway roots Carum carvi L. Evaluation of content and composition of phenolic acids and tannins in leaf dry matter of two celery cultivars Apium graveolens L. EJPAU 1. Wykazano zróżnicowanie w zawartości badanych związków biologicznie czynnych w zależności od odmiany oraz części liścia stanowiących źródło analizowanych związków. Nie wykazano istotnych różnic w zawartości garbników w zależności od odmiany, jednak istotnie więcej tych związków gromadziły blaszki liściowe w porównaniu do ogonków.

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